Flailing & Mulching

Vegetation Management

We carry out scrub clearance in a wide range of situations followed by chemical treatment to stumps and re-growth where required either by hand, ATV or weed wiper, from whole no burn site clearance, clearing of scrub gorse, thorn, bramble etc with large mulcher capable of tackling bramble to whole trees leaving a tidy finish also hand cutting with qualified staff.

Services Include:

  • Bramble removal
  • Clearing laurel
  • Clearing rhododendron
  • Scrub clearance
  • Mulching
  • Thorn and gorse removal
  • Site clearance
  • Full tree surgery packages

Site Clearance

Site clearance can be the crucial first step in any building or landscaping project. Woodland, scrub, brown field and derelict sites all pose their own challenges.

Plant & Machinery

All our equipment is maintained to the highest standards to maximise safety, reliability and efficiency. It can also be hired for long or short-term hire, with skilled operators.

Site Clearance

A forestry mulcher can be the ideal machine for site clearance work, once an area has been clear felled you can be left with a lot of mess, brash, limbs and stumps etc, Running a mulcher over the site will reduce the stumps to below ground level and clear all brash and unwanted material leaving a nice tidy site, ready for replanting or just left as a clear area.

Scrub Clearance

A forestry mulcher is also an ideal way of clearing unwanted scrub, such as elder, rhododendron, brambles, gorse and any other woody material, these can be invasive on young trees, restricting growth, they can also make access to areas difficult to the point were large areas of ground can be lost due to such dense scrub, running a mulcher through theses areas, whether it is to create a path for access or to clear entire areas, is a fast, efficient and tidy method, also creating light and space for young trees and shrubs and allowing more access for the land owner.

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