Looking for fencing, forestry, weeding, tree surgery, bridge construction, hedge cutting or firewood? Parker Fencing & Forestry Ltd based in Abbeystead in Lancaster and near Preston offer these services and more, so you don't need to contact a tree surgeon, a waste removal contractor and a fencer. We give you a quote to undertake all necessary works.

Farm and agricultural fencing is a major consideration and undertaking for landowners be they small holders or large estates.

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Equine Services

We offer a range of equine services from paddock services, electric fencing and paddock maintenace.

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Tree Surgery & Forestry

Tree surgery and aboriculture is the practice and trade of maintaining trees within amenity areas for pleasure and health.

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We carry out a wide range of contracting services including:

  • Forest, farm and equestrian fencing
  • Ground preparation and drainage
  • Roading, path, bridge and mountain bike construction
  • Tree planting (avenues, fruit trees, large native woodlands, commercial upland planting)
  • Weeding, rhododendron, japanese knottweed and bracken control
  • General maintenance, fertilising and pest control
  • Creation of wildlife ponds and forest playgrounds
  • Timber harvesting from thinnings and clearfelling
  • Timber marketing
  • Tree surgery
  • Christmas tree harvesting and marketing
  • Heathland restoration and many more

We are an experienced firm offering a range of high quality services:

  • Forestry and woodland contractors
  • All types of fencing and gates supplied and erected
  • All types of tree work and hedge cutting undertaken

We are environmentally aware, fully insured and have the breadth and depth of skills to meet your needs. We're friendly too!

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